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Crane Service

Here at Acadiana Tree Service we offer an extensive array of crane services for all your crane needs.

Tree pruning

Tree pruning, also known as tree trimming, is the selective removal of tree limbs. There are many reasons to prune or trim tree limbs.

Dead or damaged limbs
Weak or diseased limbs
Crossing or rubbing branches can cause wounds for disease or insect damage
Low hanging limbs interfering with riding mower, clearance for parking or walking
Tree limbs dropping debris on driveway, sidewalk or near areas for entertaining as in the patio or swimming pool
Dangerous limbs too close to structures
“Raise” the canopy or “limbing up” to allow light through the tree for grass growth; provide greater road visibility
Tree growth interfering with satellite reception
To enhance a scenic view

emergency tree service

As everyone knows here in south louisiana hurricanes are a constant threat . It is cructial that you act fast to protect your home and family if your have major tree damage from a storm or weather related emergency.We specializie in the removal of large and dangerous trees that have been damaged or have fallen due to storm related  weather!! 

Tree Removal

There are many reasons why trees may need to be removed from a property.

Hazardous trees have the potential to cause damage to property and/or people.
Trees may be selectively removed from an overly crowded area.
Some tree varieties are more desirable than others. Messy blooms, fruit and leaves can be a constant clean-up.
A dense canopy may hinder the growth of a healthy lawn. Trees may need to be removed to allow light to reach the sod.
Tree roots may damage underground utilities, septic lines, driveway pavement, sidewalks and even foundations.
Some tree roots rise above the lawn surface. This can make it difficult to maintain the grass and cause mower damage.

We specialize in dangerous tree removal

have the experience and equipment to handle your most difficult trees
are licensed and insured
offer free estimates



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Bobcat service

Whether it is an overgrown lot or wooded acreage, Acadiana Tree Service can handle your land clearing project .Our bobcats are track driven ,causing minimal damage to property during debris removal.

Stump Grinding

Acadiana Tree Service provides professional, experienced and insured tree grinding services in the acadiana area. Stumps are unsightly and can be dangerous as they decay.

Whether it is a stump from a tree we cut or stumps that have been there a while, we can handle your stump grindingneeds.

No stump is too large. Our grinders can handle any size stump. We offer stump grinders that can go through gates as small as 38” allowing us to maneuver in tight spaces.

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